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Mentor Coaching

What it does: The purpose of ICF Mentor Coaching is to observe the mentee coach's coaching sessions, provide feedback and guidance, and assist the mentee coach in identifying areas for improvement and growth. It entails a collaborative partnership between the mentor coach and the mentee coach, with the mentor coach aiding the mentee coach in developing and refining their coaching skills, deepening their understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, and navigating the ICF credentialing process.

Who can benefit: ICF Mentor Coaching can benefit individuals who are pursuing professional coaching as a career or seeking to enhance their coaching skills, including coaches seeking ICF credentials or wanting to renew their ICF credentials.

What to expect: ICF Mentor Coaching offers a supportive partnership, providing coaches with observations, feedback, and guidance to enhance their coaching skills and understanding of the ICF Core Competencies. It assists coaches in setting goals, tracking progress, and identifying their path to becoming a professional coach, enabling them to embark on their coaching career.

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